Clicks Marketer Local PLR Firesale!

Launching: July 6th 9AM EST - July 9th 

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Hello JV Partners!

Thank you for checking out or JV Page, and your interest in this incredible Local PLR Firesale!

If you’re looking for a local PLR offer that your list will love, then look no further!  During this firesale we’re including an entire year of premium white-label content marketing resources in one affordable package.  Your subscribers are going to LOVE this!

This Firesale is packaged and priced to CONVERT like crazy.  The front end includes 12 issues of Clicks Magazine, and a year’s worth of social media posts, blogs and visual content all created specifically to resonate with small business owners.

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Email Swipes

Day 1

Just rebrand and BAM!  Grab this Killer Offline PLR while you can.
Your Biggest Headache = Solved
This offline PLR Firesale is just ridiculous.

Hey {first name},

Would you like to boost your “credibility” immediately with your leads and
close more deals?

Sure you would right?

But if you’ve been struggling get prospects to return your calls & emails –
there’s a big reason why.

-You need status.

-A differentiator.

-A way to convey to the world (or at least your leads) that you are an

And the easiest way build status is with social proof or to create content
that your prospects find value in.

You could do everything yourself, Or you could grab 12 issues of the best
local PLR money can buy for dirt cheap

– and never write a single word!

But don’t get it twisted. This is NOT the underwhelming PLR products that
you’ve wasted time and money on in the past I assure you.

Judge for yourself by clicking here ==> LINK

Written & published by marketers, for marketers. This is Good-will content
marketing your audience with appreciate and having your own digital
marketing magazine is a serious credibility booster.

And right now you can grab 12 issues of incredible offline content your
audience is going to love at the lowest price ever offered to the public.

Plus DFY social media posts, engaging quote posts, infographics & more!

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This one’s highly recommended.
[Your Name Here]

Day 2

[New] “No Brainer” deal of the week!
[NEW DFY] Use This to Get INSTANT Expert Status
[Just Launched] 3 out of 4 Marketers Suck at This

Hi {first name},

If you’ve worked online for any amount of time, you’ve heard the old

Content Is King

And in 2021 that holds true now more than ever.

But why do local marketers still struggle with creating enough engaging
content for their blog & social media pages?

Not enough time?
No budget for a writer?
Not sure how to create compelling content?

Whatever the reason, It doesn’t matter.

My buddy Matt Lee (creator of ClicksMarketer) just launched a Local PLR Firesale,

Get this… It’s an entire year of DFY content marketing resources.

…And it looks freaking awesome!

Check it out here ==> [Affiliate Link]

He’s including 12 issues of their guest post quality offline content that is
guaranteed to resonate with small business owners along with daily social
media posts, quote graphics, infographics & More!

All designed to drive eager leads to your website.

This content is so well done, you just need to add branding and deploy! No
rewrites necessary!

[Affiliate Link]

Right now you can get it all for 90% off during this Local PLR Firesale.

Pick this one up while you still can.

Stay Awesome!

Day 3

Did you see this yet?
Grab this now before the price goes up!
[Done For You] This Local PLR is Designed to Make a BIG Impression

Hey {first name},

In case you missed out my email yesterday, I just wanted to give you a heads
up about this Local PLR Firesale

Matt Lee (my offline buddy, and creator of ClicksMarketer) has packaged 12
issues of Clicks Magazine, along with an entire year of killer content marketing
resources that will instantly boost your authority with your audience.

… And he’s basically giving away everything for less than you spent on
coffee last week!

Don’t spend another minute writing content for your audience when you should
be closing sales & working with your clients.  Because the Pro’s at ClicksMarketer
have it covered for you!

This PLR is guaranteed to impress. Check it out for yourself.


But I’d hurry though, this firesale ends soon!

To Your Success,

Day 4

Hate writing content? You’ll L-O-V-E This!
This is Next Level Content Marketing (and it’s 90% off!)
Last Chance – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn you…

Hi there,

Normally when I mention the words “Content Marketing” to my subscribers the
topic tends to be treated like a 4 letter word.

But did you know that almost 50% of B2B Customers consume 3-5 pieces of
content prior to engaging a business?

Good content marketing matters.

Content marketing generates results IF you can find a way to churn out
compelling “Grade A” style content for your audience.


This is the Achilles heel for most offline marketers and rightfully so –
churning out value packed “Grade A” content is time consuming or expensive.

The smart marketers focus their time on client campaigns and building out
their client base.

Knowing that they are already plugged into the best DFY content solution
available on the web!

And right now you can get it 90% off – click here to see for yourself.

This is GRADE “A” content marketing for local marketers.  

But the Firesale ends TONIGHT at Midnight. 


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is one to add to your online arsenal.


Best regards,

P.S. It’s a shame that not everyone knows about this. You’re definitely one
of the lucky few. Click here now to see what I mean ==> [LINK}

Thank you for your support.  We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our JV partners. So if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to get in touch.

P.S. Working on something special? I want to collaborate with you!  I want to work with you on your next launch or upcoming project.  I can participate in multiple ways.  Let's talk!  

*In efforts to cut down on fraudulent purchases JVs are not allowed to purchase through their affiliate link and this will result in a permanent ban.

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