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Hey There Local Marketers!

Ever wondered what sets a successful marketer apart from the rest? It's not just about the strategies or the tools; it's about the content they provide. The kind that grabs attention, engages deeply, and drives action.

But let's face it: Creating that kind of content can feel like climbing Everest. Backwards. In a blizzard. Without oxygen. It's tough, daunting, and for many, it feels downright impossible. The competition is fierce, and the audience's attention span is shorter than ever.

So, how do you break through the noise? How do you create content that not only stands out but also resonates and compels your audience to take action?

That's where we come in.

Introducing Clicks Magazine
– Your Authority Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation Machine!

Imagine having access to content that your audience doesn't just like but CRAVES. Content that positions you as an authority overnight without you having to write a single word.

Sounds like a dream? Not anymore.

Because content of this caliber was very expensive and time consuming to create. 

 1. You have to find a writers who actually have experience with marketing to local businesses or be that writer and spend HOURS and HOURS writing each article yourself. 

 2. Then you have to find a design team who has experience with magazine design to bring your content to life visually or design it yourself - And we all know how that typically turns out. 

 At the end you are disappointed with how it turned out and have wasted time & money you could have focused elsewhere. 

 But that all changes today!

For over 10 years, Clicks Magazine has been the go-to source for digital marketers, SEO experts, and social media pros who sell online marketing services to local businesses. We've provided good will content to 1000’s of marketing experts across the globe helping marketers just like you to engage, educate, and empower their audiences.

Why Our Customers LOVE Clicks Magazine?

Well, there's lots of reasons why our customers love Clicks Magazine.  Here's a few good reasons:

- Sleek Design: Each issue boasts a professional design that captures attention and keeps it. When first impression matter most!
- Expertly Crafted: Written by US marketers and consultants who know what works.
- Customizable: Easy to brand with your logo and company info. Plus, subtle calls to action and full-page ads tailored just for you.

And the best part? 

You don't need to be a design guru to make it work. Even if you've never designed anything in your life, we've got you covered! Our brand new Canva Version is exactly what you need to add some "Aww Yeah" factor to your content marketing game instantly.

This is What You've Been Waiting For! 

We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to introduce the Canva version of Clicks Magazine! This innovation is a game-changer for marketers who seek flexibility without compromising on quality.

Now, personalizing and fine-tuning your magazine to perfection becomes effortless with Canva's intuitive, easy-to-use features. Embrace the simplicity of customization and bring your unique vision to life with just a few clicks, ensuring every edition resonates with your audience.   Make as many changes and updates as you like.  Because EVERYTHING inside each issue is easily editable!!

Take action today, and you won't just get access to 3 of our latest back issues of Clicks Magazine. You'll also get access to our exclusive prelaunch offer over 80% off our normal rate!  But hurry, this is a limited-time opportunity.

- Instant Authority: Become the expert your clients turn to, without spending weeks on content creation.
- Engagement Boost: Elevate your website and social media with content that stands out in a sea of "blah".
- Accessibility for All: You don’t need advanced design skills. If you can use a computer, you can easily modify and rebrand each issue to your branding and style that will impress your audience! 
- Time & Money Savings: Forget about ever hiring expensive writers or spending your valuable time writing content again.

So you might be wondering…

"Why can't I just get ChatGPT to whip something up for me?"

Sure, you could do that. But to extract any real, worthwhile results, you'd still need to invest time into planning, reviewing, editing, and formatting. And that's BEFORE we even dive into the challenge of creating a design that matches the quality of the content. Unfortunately, ChatGPT can't help you with that.

This is exactly why Clicks Magazine remains one of the best content marketing, authority building, and lead-generating machines on the web. We deliver not just expertly crafted content, but also a design that instantly grabs your attention, saving you the hassle and time of making it all come together.  It's the perfect content marketing "one-two punch." 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It... The fact that you're here means you understand the HUGE VALUE of providing top-notch, authority-building content. It's time to elevate your content marketing and get paid like the expert you are.

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First impressions matter.  Dive in today and secure all 3 issues (complete with user-friendly editing instructions) for just $34.95 and start making BIG first impressions on your audience.  It's time to elevate your status and start earning like the expert you truly are!

Clicks Magazine 3-Pack Canva Version

One Time Purchase Only- No Further Charges.


1. I'm an active subscriber, how do I access these Issues?

All active subscribers already have access to the 2 most recent issues inside the members area (including Canva Versions) and you can contact support for the rest if you need. - No charge!

2. I purchased this promotion but haven’t received anything in my inbox yet, what’s going on? 

Most likely our email when to your spam folder, please WHITELIST our email [email protected] to ensure you get access to your downloads and all support updates from us.  You can log into Warrior Plus and access your Purchase under “my purchases” in the top right dropdown.

3. So what exactly am I buying here? 

You are purchasing a set of expertly written content marketing resources for local marketers to use to educate your audience, promote your brand and position yourself as an authority.  This collection includes a variety of content for website and social media channels including our whitelabel marketing magazine newletter - Clicks Magazine,  Social Media Posts, Infographics, Authority Blog Content & More waiting for you inside!

AND... We’re providing this premium content for a LOT LESS than you would pay for a single piece of content by a reputable writer.

4. Wait... Don't I need original content to market my business?

The short answer is - Yes, you need to have a mix of original content that is 100% original that's written exclusively for your business.  But the rest of your content you use to engage with your prospects and position yourself as an authority does not need to be original.

This has been proved over and over by experts and major media businesses that get most of their content from curating their content from other sources online.

5. Will my competitors receive identical content?

Well anything is possible, but we live in a pretty big world. There’s over 29 million small businesses in the US alone, another 8 million in the UK and 2 million in Canada. If you’re worried about a prospect seeing the same content from your competitor, it’s highly unlikely. With that being said, I encourage you to add in your own edits with personal insights, style and tone to make the content truly yours.

6. But won't I get 'duplicate content' penalties?

The short answer is no. But to expand on that technically there is no “duplicate content penalty” It has to do with prioritized ranking of pages that contain the exact same content to index for that Google believes is most relevant first. You can read more about it here, here, here and here. But as I mentioned above, you should customize the content to add your own originality to the content.

7. Can I edit or repurpose the content?

Yes please do! We highly recommend adding your in own style, insights and tone to create content that better reflects your business. And re-purposing is one of the best ways to get the most out of your purchase. I.E. Blog content can be broken down into “content snippets” for email series, social media posts or a training series.

8. Is the MS Word Version Editable?

This version is created specifically to be quick and easy to rebrand for those who have no little or no design experience. With this format you can change the branding and website url on the cover, you can personalize the Table of Contents page with content about your business, and the Advertisement where you can edit the services to include, and business information.

But MS Word has it's limitations in terms of layout & design. So if you want to take it a step further and edit the article content, imagery or page layout this can be done with the Adobe InDesign Format (also included).

9. But what if I'm already a subscriber, do I need to pay extra for this? 

Nope, to access issue you've purchased in any format, contact support.

10. Is this PLR content?

Your license allows you to use this content for your personal use - You can re-brand, re-use, re-purpose the content however you want.  But there is no resell or giveaway rights included. (like selling our editable source files to other marketers or agencies)  This allows us to create a better value and a more useful collection of content for each of our members.

11. Can I request specific topics for content?

Absolutely, we love to get suggestions and feedback from our members.  We also offer bespoke content options for those who need completely custom content.  Please connect with us through our support desk if you would like more info. 

12. Can I print Clicks Magazine?

Yes Clicks Magazine can be printed but I don't recommend you do it from your standard home or business printer for a number of reasons. The first & most important being that Clicks Magazine is designed in A4 format (the industry standard for magazine) not 8.5x11 which means you'll need A4 paper. The easiest, and least time consuming way is to take it to a printing service like Kinko's, Fedex or any local printer. They'll have the best options when it comes to paper, printing & binding options. You'll end up with a much higher quality end product.

13. Can I purchase Back issues?

Sure you can purchase back issues anytime here. But our subscribers have a chance to get back issues at a substantial discount as a membership perk.

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