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I'm not going to try and sell you another “Guru’s guide to local marketing” because honestly there’s a lot of ways you can be successful promoting local businesses online and what works for you might not work for another marketer.

But I want you to hit the ground running and have plenty of options to do that. Which is why I created this exclusive bundle of assets just for action takers, and just for a limited time

This is an INSANE DEAL including some of the best DFY marketing assets available on the web that you can plug into your marketing campaign immediately and start seeing results.

You will get access to EVERYTHING you see listed below starting with…

20 MORE Ads

Plus 20 More Postcards

You will also receive 5 Niche Based Ads

Want to target a specific niche? These industry-based ads will make you look like an expert!  Use these or create your own and become a industry specialist!

And We’re not done yet!
We’ve included 5 Market Place Ads

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best kept secrets in FB marketing circles around the web. These ads are designed to 1 thing - Stand out and combat ad fatigue to get more attention and more clicks!

Plus 20 Facebook + Instagram Ad Templates.

Don't let anyone tell you that Facebook and Instagram are dead! Facebook (now Meta) and Instagram still have the best audience targeting of any paid ads platform. This 20-ad set was derived from my own ad copy that generated 100's of eager local business owner leads per week. All approved by Facebook.

And Last But NOT Least…
“Way More Than a Welcome Series”
Lead Nurturing Email Sequence

You can’t expect results without engagement. You need to nurture your leads and consistently provided value to them because 80% of sales happen after the 5th communication! This is why a well written autoresponder sequence can help you build rapport with your leads better than anything else.

Our 21-day sequence is designed to help you establish the “Know Like & Trust Factor” with your leads. Combining relatable situations, useful resources and unique “tripwire” offers to encourage them to take action.

Be one of the first 50 customers to pick up this limited time offer and you’ll receive these premium bonuses!


Just in case you missed out on the first version we’re basically giving you one of our original best sellers for FREE 

($47 Value)


We’re also including all 50 of the original postcard templates just in case you missed it last time.  These postcards files have been locked  away in our vault for over a year and now we're including them for free! 

($47 Value) 

Altogether this is an incredible set of assets and if you act today you can grab it all today the INSANELY low price of just $27 and raise your lead gen game to an entirely new level.

This special promotion only runs through Thursday, and after that this offer will expire, so don’t sleep on this one! Add this to your arsenal today!

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