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You've already taken the first step with our Clicks Local Niche 3-Pack. Now you have a chance to elevate your marketing game to the next level with our Exclusive Niche Packs Authority Bundle Upgrade. This comprehensive set of resources is designed to complement your original purchase and expand your opportunities to help you become a dominant force in local marketing.

Here's what you will receive today: 

Four MORE Niche Specific Issues!

Each Issue Is Now 100% Editable

Why Did We Choose These Specific Niches? 

Home Remodeling Services: In the U.S. where costs average home remodel costs $48k and can range up to $78k, smaller remodeling services face a critical need for high-quality leads! This scenario presents a prime opportunity for local marketers. By delivering targeted strategies, they can become vital lifelines for these businesses, tapping into a rich market and turning every lead into substantial financial gains. This is more than marketing; it's powering the growth of small businesses in a high-stakes industry.
Septic Services: Septic services, where jobs can hit thousands of dollars in profit, are a goldmine for savvy marketers. Anyone who has worked with septic services will tell you it smells like money. This essential, overlooked sector offers consistent, high-value returns. By diving into this niche, marketing agencies, consultants, etc. can turn an unglamorous field into a profitable venture, capitalizing on a market ripe for growth and substantial earnings.
Plumbing Services: In the plumbing industry, where each call can fetch $330 to $850 and plumbers handle 3-4 calls daily, the earning potential is enormous! Especially services with multiple plumbers on staff. This presents a golden opportunity for marketing agencies. With targeted strategies, they can dramatically boost a plumber's call volume and revenue. This venture goes beyond mere visibility; it's about transforming every lead into a significant profit, making it a lucrative win-win for both the marketer and the plumber.
Water Remediation Services: In the water mitigation industry, where projects typically range from $3,500 to $5,500, there's a rich vein for marketing agencies and coaches to tap into! This essential sector, brimming with potential, desperately needs effective lead generation to thrive. Agencies can not only boost these vital services' reach but also secure a lucrative revenue stream.

Plus the Local SEO Checklist and PPC Cheatsheet

Created specifically for each service!

Plus 4 More Incredible Resources!

Top Rebuttals to the Most Common Sales Objections:

Go into any sales meeting with confidence! This resource is a compilation of powerful rebuttal scripts to address and overcome the most common objections you'll face in sales conversations. From pricing concerns to skepticism about effectiveness, these scripts are designed to help you turn a hard “no” into an eager “yes.”

Proven Cold Calling Script:

Break through the noise with our expertly crafted cold calling script. This script is designed to capture attention, build interest, and guide potential clients towards a meeting or a sale. It includes tips on tone, pacing, and how to handle initial resistance.

Cold Email Warmup Series:

Master the art of email outreach with our cold email warmup series. This collection of emails is designed to build rapport, establish credibility, and gently lead prospects to a sales conversation. You'll learn how to craft subject lines that get opened and messages that get responses.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper' Strategies:

Gatekeepers can be one of the biggest challenges local marketers face. Our guide provides you with proven strategies to navigate past gatekeepers, connect directly with decision-makers, and make a lasting impression that paves the way for a successful pitch.

** Each and every business niche (including all 7 issues) gets these 4 invaluable resources. That means that Arborists, Roofers, HVAC, Plumbers, Home Remodelers, Septic Services & Water Mitigation Services all have a set of customized tools and resources INCLUDED! 

Why You Need This Bundle:

Become the Undisputed Expert: Specialization is key in today's competitive market. Our bundle makes you an authority, not just another marketer.
Enhanced Engagement: Speak the language of your niche. Connect on a deeper level and watch your engagement soar.
Ready-to-Use Resources: Save time and effort. Our ready-to-use resources are designed for immediate implementation and results.
Special Launch Price: This is a one-time offer you can't afford to miss. Each issue of Clicks Magazine runs for $47 each and that’s not including all the extras. Now you can get the entire bundle, not for $197, but for just $47!

If you love the original Clicks Magazine, and the endless possibilities it offers, you are going to love these new niche specific issues! Getting your foot in the door with high ticket local niches has never been easier than right now.

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P.S. What are you waiting for? This is your golden ticket to not just play the marketing game but to dominate it. Get your hands on this set now and turn your local marketing game up to eleven. Let's do this!

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