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Why You Should Recycle Old Content on Your Facebook Business Page

If you have a blog or website, you probably have a lot of "old" content. Previous email autoresponder sequences are also home to content you have created. You might have written a book or have substantial print media that was created to market your business. Do you have any videos up on YouTube or your website? All of these types of content are excellent sources of recyclable material you can use to market your business on Facebook.

Repurposing content you have already used somewhere else, and then posting it on Facebook, makes sense for a lot of reasons. You probably are very busy. Marketing your business takes time. Whenever you can squeeze a few extra minutes or hours out of the day, that is a beautiful thing. It takes less time to rewrite or repurpose an old piece of content than it does to research and create new content. This saves you a lot of time, and if you pay someone else for content creation, this also saves you money.

To Repurpose or Not to Repurpose?

In some cases, you can simply take a piece of content you produced in the past and slap it up on Facebook as is. Short email autoresponders are ideal for this. They are usually succinct and to the point, and while they have been delivered to the email in-boxes of your list subscribers, you have probably not used them as online content that was viewable anywhere else. In most cases, this content can be copied and pasted right onto your Facebook feed.

If you have a blog post which has been up for some time, you may not want to reconsider going with an "as is" approach. People appreciate new content. So does Google and the same goes for the other search engines. To help with generic Facebook ranking and Google search results as well, rewrite blog posts which have performed well for you in the past. Simply say the same thing, using different words. Add different images or videos. Then post this repurposed content to your Facebook page.

Whether you use content that is video, image or text-based, this is a great way to keep from reinventing the wheel. When you have content of any kind that has been successful for you, you know that it engages your audience.

Recycle that content, keeping with the same voice or feel of the original. The old saying that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. Your content that has produced the most engagement in the past is likely to do so in the future, so just brush it off, recycle it or repurpose it, and you save yourself time and money in the content creation process.